2014 Calendar


January 1st

Happy new year for most. I have to do it by video call
Still working and living constantly at my uni offices
No seriously I haven’t gone home since before Christmas

January 3rd

Still working day and night here
Leaving Adelaide longterm in a week
Will start posting more regularly from then!

January 10th

New year and new travels, flying out of Adelaide
Technical stop in Melbourne for lunch the onto Hong Kong
Staying next to Kowloon MTR station

January 11th

Bit of a morning walk around Kowloon
Flying down to Singapore today
Party and nightlife in Singapore tonight

January 13th

Using up the remainder of the ticket from last year
Flying to Colombo late tonight (returning to SG tomorrow)

January 14th

Flying straight back to Singapore from Colombo
Arriving at 7 AM so getting some sleep during the day
Staying on the east side, closer to Changi

January 15th

A very relaxed day doing very little in Singapore
Flying off to Hong Kong tonight to continue onward

January 16th

Flying from Hong Kong to Paris all morning
Connecting to Helsinki then Stockholm Arlanda
Train to my new home, Uppsala, by late afternoon

January 17th

First day to explore Uppsala

January 18th

Moved into a new room for the year
All this week is going to be new firsts in Uppsala

January 19th

First day realising it’s better to just stay indoors
Seriously it’s blanketed in snow out there

January 20th

First day out shopping in the suburbs
Also getting accustom to taking buses
And all the snow here in Uppsala

January 22nd

Welcoming ceremony at the main university hall
But will be burying myself for the first weeks
Still working on the thesis in Uppsala -_-

January 28th

Finally get to the other side of Uppsala
Visit the IKEA and also buy some clothes

January 31st

Getting lost in the snowy forests
And finding huge flocks of fat ducks in Uppsala

February 4th

Got to have a good walk around Uppsala today
Still covered in snow
Maybe it will be all ugly when it melts

February 12th

Out tonight in the Uppsala cold for a pub crawl

February 14th

Awful 4 AM wake up to make flight at Arlanda
Stockholm to Berlin Tegel to Frankfurt
All to make the midday flight to Kuala Lumpur

February 15th

Arriving into Kuala Lumpur early morning
Spending the day in KL
Flying back down to Adelaide tonight

February 16th

Arriving into Adelaide early this morning
Straight to the beach and socialising
Out tonight of course

February 21st

Got another car to drive
But not really going too far out of Adelaide

February 25th

Still getting stuff sorted in Adelaide
Off to the airport to say goodbye
Will be leaving myself again shortly

February 28th

Last day in Adelaide
Staying up most of the night resetting my timezone
And clearing out both university offices

March 1st

Been stuck back in Australia now a fortnight
Departing Adelaide this afternoon to Kuala Lumpur
Flying straight on to Amsterdam tonight

March 2nd

Arriving in Amsterdam this morning
Flying to Helsinki, then onto Arlanda during the day
Will be going back the other way later this week

March 3rd

So back in Uppsala for the weekdays
Being a student after all
Also interior decorating

March 7th

Afternoon flight to Helsinki then onto Manchester
But flight delay = missed connection
Instead Stockholm – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Manchester

March 8th

So staying out of Manchester really
But taking the train into Manchester for the day
Working through as many museums as we can

March 9th

Being driven around the Peak District
All very English. Lunch in Bakewell
Visiting Chatsworth in the afternoon

March 10th

A bit easier this time
Direct flight from Manchester to Stockholm Arlanda
Back in Uppsala for an early dinner

March 11th

Back at Home
Back in Uppsala
Back to Study

March 15th

Uppsala has a lot less snow since I was last here
So wandering around the outskirts and forests

March 19th

Leaving Uppsala again
A comfortable early afternoon flight to Helsinki
Then an evening flight onto Tokyo Narita

March 20th

Arriving in Tokyo this morning
Trying not to be excited
Fantastically lost in Shibuya tonight

March 21st

Visiting Chiyoda today
Tokyo Station, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Akihabara etc.
Back to Shibuya tonight

March 22nd

Day #1: Flying from Tokyo Haneda just after midnight to San Francisco
Arriving yesterday afternoon/evening and mostly chilling
Day #2: Walking around SF so much I end up at the doctor :/

March 23rd

Still stuck in bed after being unable to move yesterday
Don’t get up was doctor’s orders
Of course will see how long that lasts

March 24th

Well back up and out today a bit
Exploring and shopping in San Francisco

March 25th

Making up for some lost time
More time wasting around SF today
Also visiting Oakland and Berkeley

March 26th

Morning flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles
A brief wait then LA to Tokyo in the afternoon
Skipping most of the rest of the day

March 27th

Arriving from LA and yesterday into Tokyo tonight
Flight continues onto Kuala Lumpur overnight

March 28th

Arriving into Kuala Lumpur from Tokyo at 4 AM
Spending the whole day in KL, finally off a plane
Back to the airport tonight however

March 29th

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Paris
Meant to depart just before midnight delayed to 3 AM
Late arrival but booked long transit time onto Stockholm

April 1st

So back in Uppsala
Back to ‘full time’ study again for a fortnight

April 15th

Last minute booking, flying out of Arlanda
First to Gothenburg then Copenhagen
Flying to Manchester evening. Delayed and slow immigration.

April 20th

Departing Yorkshire this afternoon
Flying from Manchester to London
Quiet evening in London

April 22nd

Flying from London City to Rotterdam this morning
Exploring Rotterdam for a few hours
Taking the IC train up to Amsterdam this afternoon

April 25th

Flying from Amsterdam to Oslo this morning
Spending the day exploring Oslo
Flying to Arlanda this evening and onto Uppsala

April 27th

Back in Uppsala, spending the nice day exploring
Up to Gamla Uppsala for the afternoon and just relaxing

April 30th


May 1st

Recovering as usual in Uppsala

May 2nd

Train down to Stockholm
Spending the day poking around
Back to Uppsala tonight

May 9th

The super early wake up in Uppsala
Flight to Berlin then onto Kraków by mid-morning
Spending the day exploring Kraków

May 10th

Exploring the outskirts of Kraków
Back in town for an open concert tonight

May 11th

Taking a bus trip down south today
Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau camps today
Taking the train from Kraków to Warsaw this evening

May 12th

Exploring Warsaw today

May 13th

Departing Poland this morning
Flying out of Warsaw onto Berlin
From Tegel to Arlanda then back to Uppsala

May 16th

Weather finally turning nice
Cycling all around Uppsala today

May 17th

Finally a truly sunny day
Actually sun baking in Uppsala
Hard to describe how amazing seeing the sun again is

May 23rd

Taking the train down to Stockholm
Spending the day there before back to Uppsala

May 24th

The usual weekend parties in Uppsala
Day and night, becoming hard to tell the difference

June 5th

Last day of semester and last day in Uppsala
As you can imagine everyone spontaneously parties
Up all morning with a morning flight.

June 6th

Staying up all morning partying, final day in Uppsala
Not much sleep, maybe hungover
Flying down to Vienna then onto Milan this evening

June 7th

Sleeping-in in Milan
Afternoon flight to Hong Kong

June 8th

Arrive in Hong Kong this morning, head to Kowloon
Back to HKIA with a group of 25-ish visiting lounges
Flying to Sydney tonight, free upgrades for everyone so I’m not alone

June 9th

Arrive into Sydney this morning with everyone
Move to the earlier connecting flight
Join another three down to Adelaide

June 17th

Spending the day with best friend just being terrible people

June 24th

Decided to leave Australia and take flight to Kuala Lumpur early
Book flight in the car park to Melbourne so I can hopefully change
Desperately waitlist and get the last seat on the afternoon flight

June 25th

Spending most of the day in Kuala Lumpur
Flying out to Kuching this evening

June 29th

Departing Kuching this morning
Flying to Sibu then onto Kuala Lumpur
Spending the night in KL

June 30th

Day flight from Kuala Lumpur to London
Wanted the evening/overnight flight, but it was full.
Made the last flight onto Stockholm, reach Uppsala after midnight.

July 1st

So back in a very quiet Uppsala
Here until I decide otherwise
Enjoying the summer

July 8th

Enjoying my last real summer day in Uppsala
Then finding a pub to watch the football tonight
With Germans so go Germany (good choice!)

July 9th

Stupidly early flight out of Arlanda this morning
The whole day in Berlin.. recovering after thumping Brazil
After that flying to Budapest and train to Kecskemét

July 10th

In Kecskemét.
Stayed in the hotel room.
Nothing happening today.

July 14th

Final day of exploring Kecskemét

July 15th

Leaving Kecskemét this morning, train to Budapest (Airport)
Flying to Zagreb this afternoon

July 16th

Got a few days in Zagreb
Quite a big place to explore

July 19th

Final day exploring Zagreb
Taking the train to Ljubljana

July 20th

Big day exploring up down and all around Ljubljana
Perfect weather for photos
Figured out how to pronounce it properly too

July 21st

Slow start then fly from Ljubljana to Skopje this afternoon
Meet people, explore and drinking in Skopje.
Reminds me of Vientiane in the most amazing way.

July 22nd

Met up and following people it seems.
Exploring Skopje this morning.
Taking bus down south to Ohrid this afternoon.

July 23rd

Exploring Ohrid, it’s amazing in many way.
Cut my finger, ended up in hospital.. what?
Survived. Clubbing at some crazy Cuban bar tonight.

July 24th

Last day in beautiful Ohrid, hope to return
Late afternoon bus to Skopje
Then back on the bus… all night >_< to Sofia

July 25th

Stuck at the border, bus arrives at Sofia 6 AM
Check-in as others check out and no power in room
Sleep little, explore quickly then fly to Bucharest this afternoon

July 26th

Spending the day exploring Bucharest
The Palace of the Parliament is huge!

July 27th

Early afternoon flight from Bucharest to Berlin
A super short Tegel transit, lost luggage guaranteed.
Late afternoon flight to Munich, bag still in Berlin.

July 28th

In Munich to catch up with a friend
Besides seeing the city today
Going to a private concert tonight

July 29th

Another day in wonderful Munich
Visiting the Deutsches Museum today
Otherwise a rather quiet night

July 30th

Still in Munich. Looking for a way back to Uppsala.
After a long summer ‘break’ and dozens of flights…
Might actually be stuck for the final flight!

July 31st

Very early start in Munich for morning flight
Spending most of the day in Manchester
Evening flight to Billund but staying in Vejle

August 1st

Deciding hour by hour today, spending most of the morning exploring Vejle
Jumping on a train to Copenhagen this afternoon, next another over to Malmö.
Cheap last minute flights, so bus to airport, fly to Arlanda then bus home to Uppsala.

August 2nd

So glad to be home in Uppsala (no really)
But taking the train to Stockholm today
Back up tonight

August 8th

Going to the ‘beach’ or rather a lake
Just a lazy summer day with fifty students

August 13th

Late tonight (well when it gets a little dark..)
Stargazing at Gamla Uppsala

August 15th

Out on a beautiful day and shopping with friends
Peace Party in Uppsala tonight, 200 years of peace in Sweden
And after that… more partying

August 18th

Spending the day cycling far down south
Just exploring out of Uppsala a bit

August 21st

Shopping trip to IKEA. Uppsala of course.
Yeah Swedish stereotypes
Kottbullar. Kanelbullar. nom nom nom.

August 23rd

In mainstreet Uppsala buying a saw
Cycling around with a giant saw like a murderer
Continuing the home renovations from yesterday

August 26th

Quiet day in Uppsala
A welcome dinner at one of the student nations tonight

August 27th

Leaving Uppsala for a couple days
Flying down to Berlin this afternoon to make a new friend

August 29th

Another visit to Tegel today while I depart Berlin
Flying back to Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala this afternoon
Gotta a party to get to!

September 2nd

Out with friends again tonight
Clubbing at the student nations
Then eating deep fried food at 3 – the good life

September 3rd

A lot of new students in Uppsala and Swedish orientations
Out for dinner and clubbing at a student nation
Like last night… you learn from repetition right?

September 5th

Charter bus to Stockholm
Going on a cruise to Riga
With a few hundred people

September 6th

Didn’t sleep all night
Exploring and shopping in Riga
Back on boat tonight, cruising to Stockholm

September 7th

Arriving back into Stockholm this morning
Riding back to Uppsala
Then mostly catching up on rest

September 9th

One of these not so nice travel days, super early wake up in Uppsala
Arlanda to Copenhagen to Amsterdam arriving before I’d normally wake up
Departing midday for Kuala Lumpur on *that* flight

September 10th

Arriving into Kuala Lumpur early this morning
Short transit then flying onto Brisbane today

September 11th

Enjoying the warmth of sub-tropical Brisbane
Back to the old spots today
Cleveland, Wellington Point, King Island

September 14th

Not much in the day, stayed out late
The usual Brisbane haunts
Treasury, South Bank, Kangaroo Point

September 15th

Leaving Brisbane tonight, possibly not to return in a very long time.
I hope this was for the best.
Back in Adelaide tonight.

September 17th

Another university graduation today
Ran into a few old friends in Adelaide

September 19th

Still in Adelaide
Korean dinner with some other travellers

September 20th

Last day in Adelaide
Catching up with a friend tonight

September 21st

Flying from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur.
This gets repetitive after a while.

September 22nd

Spending the day doing very little together
In Kuala Lumpur

September 23rd

Flying over to Singapore for a few hours this afternoon
Then flying back to Kuala Lumpur
Flight tonight to Amsterdam

September 26th

International Gasque tonight
These formal dinners / parties in Uppsala

September 27th

Finally biked to a huge monument I could see from my window
Quite a far way away at the edge of Uppsala
Giant multi faith cemetery including a natural burial area

September 29th

Spending most of the day visiting Stockholm

October 1st

Current plans are to spend the entire month in Uppsala!
So might be quiet for a while.
Hopefully there are some parties…

October 3rd

That took long
First party / corridorfest coming up
Cat themed. Yay Uppsala

October 7th

So staying in Uppsala this month
A bit of study of course
The usual weekly clubbing events at the nations

October 10th


October 22nd

Another party in Uppsala
Joint birthday parties to go to

October 31st

Halloween parties of course
Hard to avoid when living in Uppsala

November 5th

Bit of a pub crawl in Uppsala tonight

November 7th

Joining a few hundred friends on a boat from Stockholm to Riga
What could possibly go wrong?

November 8th

Off the boat and exploring Tallinn. Dammit cold.
Others buying cheap alcohol, I am buying cheap groceries.
Back on the boat to Stockholm tonight.

November 9th

Arrived back in Stockholm.
Off the boat, bus to Uppsala.

November 10th

Back in Uppsala
Lights in the forest by Håga in the wonderful winter tonight

November 15th

Ostkakegille at Kalmar Nation tonight
Like a cheese cake formal dinner and party
But Swedish cheese cake. Ok, too hard to explain.

November 20th

Spending the night looking Uppsala at the light festival

November 30th

Farewell Uppsala
Limo to Arlanda
Flight to Dubai

December 1st

Early morning wake up in Dubai
One of the longest commercial flights to LA (16+ hrs)
Eating up, showering and staying online onboard

December 2nd

LA wins just because of the mild weather
Afternoon flight to Toronto

December 3rd

Wandering around aimlessly in the snow in Toronto this morning
Afternoon departure to Hong Kong
Another long one (15.5 hours!)

December 4th

Missed most of today, crossed the international date line
Arriving into Hong Kong early evening but not leaving HKIA
Reasonable connection and evening flight to Kuala Lumpur

December 5th

Arriving early morning into Kuala Lumpur and missed the last train
Sleeping in late before an afternoon flight to Penang

December 6th

Spending much of the day wandering around George Town

December 7th

Taking a ‘day trip’ from Penang
Flying up to Langkawi, a whole 80 miles
Spending the evening along Pantai Cenang

December 8th

Enjoying a short stay in Langkawi
Getting a taxi to Kuah Town
Taking a ferry back to Penang

December 9th

Departing Penang this afternoon for Kuala Lumpur
Flying to Subang Airport

December 10th

Ridiculously flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Via Kota Kinabalu this morning then Hong Kong in the afternoon
Missed connected on the final flight, arriving in SG at midnight

December 14th

After spending the weekend at ZoukOut in Singapore
Booking a last minute flight over to KL
Connecting onto my flight down to Adelaide

December 20th

After a few days in Adelaide departing for Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Flying off to Frankfurt at midnight

December 21st

Flying into Frankfurt this morning from KL
Staying close in town for a few days
European Christmas time 🙂

December 22nd

Keeping inside much of the day
Christmas markets in Frankfurt at night

December 23rd

Not enough to stay in Frankfurt
Flying up to Copenhagen today
Christmas markets and Tivoli tonight

December 24th

Departing Copenhagen this morning to Stockholm.
It’s basically Christmas here! Only one flight scheduled!
Back home to Uppsala!

December 25th

Enjoying Christmas in Uppsala
Jesus it is -20 C here.
White Christmas!!!