Entries from August 2014

Fri 1st

Deciding hour by hour today, spending most of the morning exploring Vejle
Jumping on a train to Copenhagen this afternoon, next another over to Malmö.
Cheap last minute flights, so bus to airport, fly to Arlanda then bus home to Uppsala.

Sat 2nd

So glad to be home in Uppsala (no really)
But taking the train to Stockholm today
Back up tonight

Fri 8th

Going to the ‘beach’ or rather a lake
Just a lazy summer day with fifty students

Wed 13th

Late tonight (well when it gets a little dark..)
Stargazing at Gamla Uppsala

Fri 15th

Out on a beautiful day and shopping with friends
Peace Party in Uppsala tonight, 200 years of peace in Sweden
And after that… more partying

Mon 18th

Spending the day cycling far down south
Just exploring out of Uppsala a bit

Thu 21st

Shopping trip to IKEA. Uppsala of course.
Yeah Swedish stereotypes
Kottbullar. Kanelbullar. nom nom nom.

Sat 23rd

In mainstreet Uppsala buying a saw
Cycling around with a giant saw like a murderer
Continuing the home renovations from yesterday

Tue 26th

Quiet day in Uppsala
A welcome dinner at one of the student nations tonight

Wed 27th

Leaving Uppsala for a couple days
Flying down to Berlin this afternoon to make a new friend

Fri 29th

Another visit to Tegel today while I depart Berlin
Flying back to Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala this afternoon
Gotta a party to get to!