About this Blog

This site started as a joke but I’ve been hypermobile in recent years so the idea evolved into a microblog. It has become a daily diary focused just on my movements to keep people updated. It is also an invaluable tool to help me recall where I was and what I was doing! I find I can easily remember most of the details if I have a cue of where I was. Originally I had envisioned no more than a few words in a plain text page on my personal site. This inspired the minimalistic design while leveraging the power of a full blogging platform. I got to spend many development hours to achieve the featurelessness I wanted.

Social Media

This microblog accompanies my primary blog which is slowly meant to be unifying my life.
This site is part of has its own Twitter account @wheresjoshtoday
On my personal page I have a Scratch map of where I have visited.
Maybe also checkout my InstagramFacebookTwitter and Tumblr – yeah, maybe not that one.

Coming Soon

Fixing up this page so it is sectioned off, not just the current organically grown giant mess; linking posts to the main blog and also having a current timezone with local difference on the front page (things never remain so minimal forever)