This is site is a personal catalogue of a small video game collection. I grew up playing predominantly Japanese video games during the 1990s and starting building a small collection until stopping entirely in the early 2000s. Although it is lacking in depth it is broadly encompassing of several generations and genres of computer gaming. Having lived across different continents for many years now, I have only the most recent systems with me. The rest remain in storage and a lot of items remain uncatalogued, as my current interests and priorities sit elsewhere.

Originally the site was a simple text file, then spreadsheet before becoming a somewhat more complex hand coded site in HTML. After a decade of stagnation I have rebuilt the site like an online shop through the overly popular Woocommerce & WordPress platforms. I’m not actually selling anything of course, but having a virtual gallery that is highly searchable is both pleasing and practical. Although many items are listed, there are equally many that are not yet, particularly hardware items.