Entries from March 2014

Sat 1st

Been stuck back in Australia now a fortnight
Departing Adelaide this afternoon to Kuala Lumpur
Flying straight on to Amsterdam tonight

Sun 2nd

Arriving in Amsterdam this morning
Flying to Helsinki, then onto Arlanda during the day
Will be going back the other way later this week

Mon 3rd

So back in Uppsala for the weekdays
Being a student after all
Also interior decorating

Fri 7th

Afternoon flight to Helsinki then onto Manchester
But flight delay = missed connection
Instead Stockholm – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Manchester

Sat 8th

So staying out of Manchester really
But taking the train into Manchester for the day
Working through as many museums as we can

Sun 9th

Being driven around the Peak District
All very English. Lunch in Bakewell
Visiting Chatsworth in the afternoon

Mon 10th

A bit easier this time
Direct flight from Manchester to Stockholm Arlanda
Back in Uppsala for an early dinner

Tue 11th

Back at Home
Back in Uppsala
Back to Study

Sat 15th

Uppsala has a lot less snow since I was last here
So wandering around the outskirts and forests

Wed 19th

Leaving Uppsala again
A comfortable early afternoon flight to Helsinki
Then an evening flight onto Tokyo Narita

Thu 20th

Arriving in Tokyo this morning
Trying not to be excited
Fantastically lost in Shibuya tonight

Fri 21st

Visiting Chiyoda today
Tokyo Station, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Akihabara etc.
Back to Shibuya tonight

Sat 22nd

Day #1: Flying from Tokyo Haneda just after midnight to San Francisco
Arriving yesterday afternoon/evening and mostly chilling
Day #2: Walking around SF so much I end up at the doctor :/

Sun 23rd

Still stuck in bed after being unable to move yesterday
Don’t get up was doctor’s orders
Of course will see how long that lasts

Mon 24th

Well back up and out today a bit
Exploring and shopping in San Francisco

Tue 25th

Making up for some lost time
More time wasting around SF today
Also visiting Oakland and Berkeley

Wed 26th

Morning flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles
A brief wait then LA to Tokyo in the afternoon
Skipping most of the rest of the day

Thu 27th

Arriving from LA and yesterday into Tokyo tonight
Flight continues onto Kuala Lumpur overnight

Fri 28th

Arriving into Kuala Lumpur from Tokyo at 4 AM
Spending the whole day in KL, finally off a plane
Back to the airport tonight however

Sat 29th

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Paris
Meant to depart just before midnight delayed to 3 AM
Late arrival but booked long transit time onto Stockholm