Entries from September 2014

Tue 2nd

Out with friends again tonight
Clubbing at the student nations
Then eating deep fried food at 3 – the good life

Wed 3rd

A lot of new students in Uppsala and Swedish orientations
Out for dinner and clubbing at a student nation
Like last night… you learn from repetition right?

Fri 5th

Charter bus to Stockholm
Going on a cruise to Riga
With a few hundred people

Sat 6th

Didn’t sleep all night
Exploring and shopping in Riga
Back on boat tonight, cruising to Stockholm

Sun 7th

Arriving back into Stockholm this morning
Riding back to Uppsala
Then mostly catching up on rest

Tue 9th

One of these not so nice travel days, super early wake up in Uppsala
Arlanda to Copenhagen to Amsterdam arriving before I’d normally wake up
Departing midday for Kuala Lumpur on *that* flight

Wed 10th

Arriving into Kuala Lumpur early this morning
Short transit then flying onto Brisbane today

Thu 11th

Enjoying the warmth of sub-tropical Brisbane
Back to the old spots today
Cleveland, Wellington Point, King Island

Sun 14th

Not much in the day, stayed out late
The usual Brisbane haunts
Treasury, South Bank, Kangaroo Point

Mon 15th

Leaving Brisbane tonight, possibly not to return in a very long time.
I hope this was for the best.
Back in Adelaide tonight.

Wed 17th

Another university graduation today
Ran into a few old friends in Adelaide

Fri 19th

Still in Adelaide
Korean dinner with some other travellers

Sat 20th

Last day in Adelaide
Catching up with a friend tonight

Sun 21st

Flying from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur.
This gets repetitive after a while.

Mon 22nd

Spending the day doing very little together
In Kuala Lumpur

Tue 23rd

Flying over to Singapore for a few hours this afternoon
Then flying back to Kuala Lumpur
Flight tonight to Amsterdam

Fri 26th

International Gasque tonight
These formal dinners / parties in Uppsala

Sat 27th

Finally biked to a huge monument I could see from my window
Quite a far way away at the edge of Uppsala
Giant multi faith cemetery including a natural burial area

Mon 29th

Spending most of the day visiting Stockholm