Entries from June 2014

Thu 5th

Last day of semester and last day in Uppsala
As you can imagine everyone spontaneously parties
Up all morning with a morning flight.

Fri 6th

Staying up all morning partying, final day in Uppsala
Not much sleep, maybe hungover
Flying down to Vienna then onto Milan this evening

Sat 7th

Sleeping-in in Milan
Afternoon flight to Hong Kong

Sun 8th

Arrive in Hong Kong this morning, head to Kowloon
Back to HKIA with a group of 25-ish visiting lounges
Flying to Sydney tonight, free upgrades for everyone so I’m not alone

Mon 9th

Arrive into Sydney this morning with everyone
Move to the earlier connecting flight
Join another three down to Adelaide

Tue 17th

Spending the day with best friend just being terrible people

Tue 24th

Decided to leave Australia and take flight to Kuala Lumpur early
Book flight in the car park to Melbourne so I can hopefully change
Desperately waitlist and get the last seat on the afternoon flight

Wed 25th

Spending most of the day in Kuala Lumpur
Flying out to Kuching this evening

Sun 29th

Departing Kuching this morning
Flying to Sibu then onto Kuala Lumpur
Spending the night in KL

Mon 30th

Day flight from Kuala Lumpur to London
Wanted the evening/overnight flight, but it was full.
Made the last flight onto Stockholm, reach Uppsala after midnight.