Entries from December 2014

Mon 1st

Early morning wake up in Dubai
One of the longest commercial flights to LA (16+ hrs)
Eating up, showering and staying online onboard

Tue 2nd

LA wins just because of the mild weather
Afternoon flight to Toronto

Wed 3rd

Wandering around aimlessly in the snow in Toronto this morning
Afternoon departure to Hong Kong
Another long one (15.5 hours!)

Thu 4th

Missed most of today, crossed the international date line
Arriving into Hong Kong early evening but not leaving HKIA
Reasonable connection and evening flight to Kuala Lumpur

Fri 5th

Arriving early morning into Kuala Lumpur and missed the last train
Sleeping in late before an afternoon flight to Penang

Sat 6th

Spending much of the day wandering around George Town

Sun 7th

Taking a ‘day trip’ from Penang
Flying up to Langkawi, a whole 80 miles
Spending the evening along Pantai Cenang

Mon 8th

Enjoying a short stay in Langkawi
Getting a taxi to Kuah Town
Taking a ferry back to Penang

Tue 9th

Departing Penang this afternoon for Kuala Lumpur
Flying to Subang Airport

Wed 10th

Ridiculously flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Via Kota Kinabalu this morning then Hong Kong in the afternoon
Missed connected on the final flight, arriving in SG at midnight

Sun 14th

After spending the weekend at ZoukOut in Singapore
Booking a last minute flight over to KL
Connecting onto my flight down to Adelaide

Sat 20th

After a few days in Adelaide departing for Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Flying off to Frankfurt at midnight

Sun 21st

Flying into Frankfurt this morning from KL
Staying close in town for a few days
European Christmas time 🙂

Mon 22nd

Keeping inside much of the day
Christmas markets in Frankfurt at night

Tue 23rd

Not enough to stay in Frankfurt
Flying up to Copenhagen today
Christmas markets and Tivoli tonight

Wed 24th

Departing Copenhagen this morning to Stockholm.
It’s basically Christmas here! Only one flight scheduled!
Back home to Uppsala!

Thu 25th

Enjoying Christmas in Uppsala
Jesus it is -20 C here.
White Christmas!!!