Entries from July 2014

Tue 1st

So back in a very quiet Uppsala
Here until I decide otherwise
Enjoying the summer

Tue 8th

Enjoying my last real summer day in Uppsala
Then finding a pub to watch the football tonight
With Germans so go Germany (good choice!)

Wed 9th

Stupidly early flight out of Arlanda this morning
The whole day in Berlin.. recovering after thumping Brazil
After that flying to Budapest and train to Kecskemét

Thu 10th

In Kecskemét.
Stayed in the hotel room.
Nothing happening today.

Mon 14th

Final day of exploring Kecskemét

Tue 15th

Leaving Kecskemét this morning, train to Budapest (Airport)
Flying to Zagreb this afternoon

Wed 16th

Got a few days in Zagreb
Quite a big place to explore

Sat 19th

Final day exploring Zagreb
Taking the train to Ljubljana

Sun 20th

Big day exploring up down and all around Ljubljana
Perfect weather for photos
Figured out how to pronounce it properly too

Mon 21st

Slow start then fly from Ljubljana to Skopje this afternoon
Meet people, explore and drinking in Skopje.
Reminds me of Vientiane in the most amazing way.

Tue 22nd

Met up and following people it seems.
Exploring Skopje this morning.
Taking bus down south to Ohrid this afternoon.

Wed 23rd

Exploring Ohrid, it’s amazing in many way.
Cut my finger, ended up in hospital.. what?
Survived. Clubbing at some crazy Cuban bar tonight.

Thu 24th

Last day in beautiful Ohrid, hope to return
Late afternoon bus to Skopje
Then back on the bus… all night >_< to Sofia

Fri 25th

Stuck at the border, bus arrives at Sofia 6 AM
Check-in as others check out and no power in room
Sleep little, explore quickly then fly to Bucharest this afternoon

Sat 26th

Spending the day exploring Bucharest
The Palace of the Parliament is huge!

Sun 27th

Early afternoon flight from Bucharest to Berlin
A super short Tegel transit, lost luggage guaranteed.
Late afternoon flight to Munich, bag still in Berlin.

Mon 28th

In Munich to catch up with a friend
Besides seeing the city today
Going to a private concert tonight

Tue 29th

Another day in wonderful Munich
Visiting the Deutsches Museum today
Otherwise a rather quiet night

Wed 30th

Still in Munich. Looking for a way back to Uppsala.
After a long summer ‘break’ and dozens of flights…
Might actually be stuck for the final flight!

Thu 31st

Very early start in Munich for morning flight
Spending most of the day in Manchester
Evening flight to Billund but staying in Vejle