Entries from January 2014

Wed 1st

Happy new year for most. I have to do it by video call
Still working and living constantly at my uni offices
No seriously I haven’t gone home since before Christmas

Fri 3rd

Still working day and night here
Leaving Adelaide longterm in a week
Will start posting more regularly from then!

Fri 10th

New year and new travels, flying out of Adelaide
Technical stop in Melbourne for lunch the onto Hong Kong
Staying next to Kowloon MTR station

Sat 11th

Bit of a morning walk around Kowloon
Flying down to Singapore today
Party and nightlife in Singapore tonight

Mon 13th

Using up the remainder of the ticket from last year
Flying to Colombo late tonight (returning to SG tomorrow)

Tue 14th

Flying straight back to Singapore from Colombo
Arriving at 7 AM so getting some sleep during the day
Staying on the east side, closer to Changi

Wed 15th

A very relaxed day doing very little in Singapore
Flying off to Hong Kong tonight to continue onward

Thu 16th

Flying from Hong Kong to Paris all morning
Connecting to Helsinki then Stockholm Arlanda
Train to my new home, Uppsala, by late afternoon

Fri 17th

First day to explore Uppsala

Sat 18th

Moved into a new room for the year
All this week is going to be new firsts in Uppsala

Sun 19th

First day realising it’s better to just stay indoors
Seriously it’s blanketed in snow out there

Mon 20th

First day out shopping in the suburbs
Also getting accustom to taking buses
And all the snow here in Uppsala

Wed 22nd

Welcoming ceremony at the main university hall
But will be burying myself for the first weeks
Still working on the thesis in Uppsala -_-

Tue 28th

Finally get to the other side of Uppsala
Visit the IKEA and also buy some clothes

Fri 31st

Getting lost in the snowy forests
And finding huge flocks of fat ducks in Uppsala