Posts with Vienna

30th Jul 11

Leaving Salzburg today by train
Off to Linz before saying goodbye to friends
Continuing onto Vienna

31st Jul 11

Spending the morning in Vienna
Afternoon flight to Amman
Then an evening flight to Aqaba

12th Aug 12

Early morning from the airport hotel leaving Helsinki
Flying down to Vienna again with a few hours wait
Then this afternoon flying to Amman and onto transit hotel

6th Jun 14

Staying up all morning partying, final day in Uppsala
Not much sleep, maybe hungover
Flying down to Vienna then onto Milan this evening

3rd Jun 16

Taking a bus from Pristina to Skopje
A delayed flight from Skopje to Bratislava this evening
Eventually ending up in Vienna instead

5th Jun 16

Taking a train from Vienna to Budapest

7th Jun 16

Taking a train from Budapest back to Vienna

8th Jun 16

Taking the train from Vienna to Bratislava

11th Jun 16

On the train from Bratislava back to Vienna again

14th Jun 16

Leaving Vienna (again) to Budapest (again) by train (again) this evening

24th Jun 16

Commute to The Hague for today’s business
Back to Rotterdam by the afternoon
For a delayed evening flight to Vienna

29th Jun 16

On a train all day from Vienna via Budapest to Belgrade