Posts with Tottori

13th Apr 15

Arriving overnight into Kansai Airport
Meeting up with people in Osaka
Then bus to Tottori

17th Apr 15

Staying in Tottori today
Visiting the University Junior High School today

18th Apr 15

Leaving Tottori this morning
Visiting Hojo Sand Dune wind and Shimane nuclear power plants today
Staying in Yonago tonight

19th Apr 15

Leaving Yonago this morning, visiting the Solar Power Park there
Visiting the Mount Mitoku-san temple
Then on the way back to Tottori visit the Hakuto Jinja (white rabbit shrine)

20th Apr 15

Staying out late slightly drunk
Free day cycling in the rain and exploring Tottori!
Spend most of the afternoon eating ‘lunch’ and shopping. Then more fun.

21st Apr 15

Visiting a couple schools around Chizu, Tottori and the Ishitani Family Residence
Tried to see the Tottori Castle ruins before a goodbye party with students tonight

22nd Apr 15

Sadly leaving Tottori today
Bus to Kyoto this afternoon