Posts with Tokyo

19th Mar 14

Leaving Uppsala again
A comfortable early afternoon flight to Helsinki
Then an evening flight onto Tokyo Narita

20th Mar 14

Arriving in Tokyo this morning
Trying not to be excited
Fantastically lost in Shibuya tonight

21st Mar 14

Visiting Chiyoda today
Tokyo Station, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Akihabara etc.
Back to Shibuya tonight

22nd Mar 14

Day #1: Flying from Tokyo Haneda just after midnight to San Francisco
Arriving yesterday afternoon/evening and mostly chilling
Day #2: Walking around SF so much I end up at the doctor :/

26th Mar 14

Morning flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles
A brief wait then LA to Tokyo in the afternoon
Skipping most of the rest of the day

27th Mar 14

Arriving from LA and yesterday into Tokyo tonight
Flight continues onto Kuala Lumpur overnight

28th Mar 14

Arriving into Kuala Lumpur from Tokyo at 4 AM
Spending the whole day in KL, finally off a plane
Back to the airport tonight however