Posts with Stockholm

16th Jan 14

Flying from Hong Kong to Paris all morning
Connecting to Helsinki then Stockholm Arlanda
Train to my new home, Uppsala, by late afternoon

14th Feb 14

Awful 4 AM wake up to make flight at Arlanda
Stockholm to Berlin Tegel to Frankfurt
All to make the midday flight to Kuala Lumpur

7th Mar 14

Afternoon flight to Helsinki then onto Manchester
But flight delay = missed connection
Instead Stockholm – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Manchester

10th Mar 14

A bit easier this time
Direct flight from Manchester to Stockholm Arlanda
Back in Uppsala for an early dinner

29th Mar 14

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Paris
Meant to depart just before midnight delayed to 3 AM
Late arrival but booked long transit time onto Stockholm

15th Apr 14

Last minute booking, flying out of Arlanda
First to Gothenburg then Copenhagen
Flying to Manchester evening. Delayed and slow immigration.

2nd May 14

Train down to Stockholm
Spending the day poking around
Back to Uppsala tonight

23rd May 14

Taking the train down to Stockholm
Spending the day there before back to Uppsala

30th Jun 14

Day flight from Kuala Lumpur to London
Wanted the evening/overnight flight, but it was full.
Made the last flight onto Stockholm, reach Uppsala after midnight.

2nd Aug 14

So glad to be home in Uppsala (no really)
But taking the train to Stockholm today
Back up tonight

29th Aug 14

Another visit to Tegel today while I depart Berlin
Flying back to Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala this afternoon
Gotta a party to get to!

5th Sep 14

Charter bus to Stockholm
Going on a cruise to Riga
With a few hundred people

6th Sep 14

Didn’t sleep all night
Exploring and shopping in Riga
Back on boat tonight, cruising to Stockholm

7th Sep 14

Arriving back into Stockholm this morning
Riding back to Uppsala
Then mostly catching up on rest

29th Sep 14

Spending most of the day visiting Stockholm

7th Nov 14

Joining a few hundred friends on a boat from Stockholm to Riga
What could possibly go wrong?

9th Nov 14

Arrived back in Stockholm.
Off the boat, bus to Uppsala.

24th Dec 14

Departing Copenhagen this morning to Stockholm.
It’s basically Christmas here! Only one flight scheduled!
Back home to Uppsala!

17th Jan 15

In a last minute decision for weekend trip
Flying from Stockholm down to Berlin tonight
Rode the U55 for the lolz.

27th Feb 15

Arriving into Amsterdam this morning
Was going to visit Utrecht but warm clothes in Algeria…
Bought a new coat. Flying to Stockholm and Uppsala tonight.

11th Mar 15

Flying out of Stockholm Arlanda this morning
Spending the day in Munich again
Flying out to Dubai tonight

3rd May 15

Truly final day in Uppsala?
Departing Stockholm Arlanda today to London
Flying onto Madrid this evening

27th Apr 16

Strikes and flight cancellations in Frankfurt
Departing in the afternoon to Oslo with further delays
Connecting to Stockholm Arlanda tonight then up to Uppsala

7th May 16

Uppsala still, hej!
Train down to Stockholm for the afternoon and evening

11th May 16

Leaving Uppsala for good.
Disregarded all my plans, got a last minute ticket
Flying from Stockholm to Split this morning