Posts with Singapore

13th Jul 11

Morning in Auckland
Most of the day flying up to Singapore
Evening in Singapore

14th Jul 11

Spending the day hanging around Singapore
Mostly around Marina Bay Sands and Fort Canning
Back to Changi to late tonight, flying to London

2nd Aug 12

Flying Adelaide to Sydney early this morning
Spending a good few hours waiting in Sydney
Afternoon flight to Frankfurt with a stop in Singapore late at night

14th Aug 12

Spending the whole day in Hong Kong
The country hopping continues though
Flight tonight down to Singapore

15th Aug 12

Just after midnight flying in from Hong Kong
Have the whole day in Singapore
Then flying down to Sydney tonight

15th Oct 12

Was meant to fly from Perth back to Adelaide today
But as a surprise, flying up to Singapore this afternoon
Staying just two hours then back to Perth this evening

16th Oct 12

Flying into Perth from Singapore in the very early morning
Awful transit to the domestic terminal struggling with FIFO
Morning flight back to Adelaide

28th Oct 12

Departing Adelaide this morning to Sydney
Flying up to Singapore this evening

29th Oct 12

Just the day in Singapore again
Flying up to Bangkok this afternoon
Staying here and studying!

10th Dec 12

Flying out of Adelaide to Sydney this morning
Then up to Jakarta this afternoon
And onto Singapore this evening

11th Dec 12

Spending the day in Singapore
Meeting someone half way!
Flying back together tonight to Adelaide

27th Dec 12

Flying from Adelaide to Melbourne this morning
Then onto Sydney this afternoon
And onto Singapore this evening

28th Dec 12

Spending the day in Singapore
Evening flight to Kuching

13th Jan 13

Flying out of Vientiane this morning to Bangkok
Using up an old ticket to then get down to Singapore
Booking a new flight then back to Kuching again

19th Jan 13

Trying to leave Kuching this morning although airport power is out
Flying to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore today
Late tonight flying from KL to Colombo arriving at midnight

22nd Jan 13

Flying from Colombo to Singapore just after midnight
Up to Hong Kong this morning then shopping today in HK
Evening flight from Hong Kong down to Brisbane

29th May 13

Departing Adelaide this morning for Sydney
Lunch in the Sydney flounge then flying to Singapore

30th May 13

Spending the day chilling in Singapore
Flying out to Brisbane tonight

23rd Aug 13

Flying to Sydney this morning, meeting those who left earlier
Then flying up together to Singapore and drinking everything
Quiet evening in Singapore it seems

24th Aug 13

Spending the morning exploring around Marina Bay Sands
Then the afternoon in airport lounges at Changi
Flying out to Brisbane tonight

26th Nov 13

Not much more to do in Darwin
Flying up to Singapore this evening
Seems like the only place I visit this year

27th Nov 13

Taking it easy in Singapore
Out tonight for dinner and drinking
Mostly around Clarke Quay

28th Nov 13

Out most of the morning at Clarke Quay
Flying up to Kuala Lumpur early this morning
Then taking the day flight down to Brisbane

11th Jan 14

Bit of a morning walk around Kowloon
Flying down to Singapore today
Party and nightlife in Singapore tonight

13th Jan 14

Using up the remainder of the ticket from last year
Flying to Colombo late tonight (returning to SG tomorrow)

14th Jan 14

Flying straight back to Singapore from Colombo
Arriving at 7 AM so getting some sleep during the day
Staying on the east side, closer to Changi

15th Jan 14

A very relaxed day doing very little in Singapore
Flying off to Hong Kong tonight to continue onward

23rd Sep 14

Flying over to Singapore for a few hours this afternoon
Then flying back to Kuala Lumpur
Flight tonight to Amsterdam

10th Dec 14

Ridiculously flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Via Kota Kinabalu this morning then Hong Kong in the afternoon
Missed connected on the final flight, arriving in SG at midnight

14th Dec 14

After spending the weekend at ZoukOut in Singapore
Booking a last minute flight over to KL
Connecting onto my flight down to Adelaide

25th Jan 15

Leaving Uppsala today so sad
Flying to Copenhagen this morning
Connecting onto flight to Singapore this afternoon

26th Jan 15

Arriving into Singapore this morning
Visted the Jurong Bird Park today
Flying out tonight to Adelaide

13th Mar 15

After yesterday’s disaster, nearly at the point of collapse in DXB
Finally flying to Singapore in EK F to make up for it

14th Mar 15

Walking across from Singapore to JB
Taking the train to Kuala Lumpur

6th May 15

Flew to KL in the morning
Then flying to Singapore for the day
Then back and flying to Adelaide tonight

4th Jun 15

Flying to Singapore this early morning
Flying to Kuala Lumpur today

7th Jun 15

Breakfast in Kuala Lumpur
Flying to Singapore this morning
Flying to Sydney this evening

8th Jun 15

Arriving in Sydney this morning
Sydney today
Flying to Auckland this evening

21st Mar 16

Well enough to leave Surabaya and fly to Batam
Not long in Batam as straight to Nongsa Pura
Taking the ferry to Tanah Merah in Singapore

22nd Mar 16

Spending the day in Singapore
Heading over the causeway this evening
Staying in Johor Bahru

5th Apr 16

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru this afternoon
Heading over to Singapore afterward
At Changi tonight to intentionally miss a flight to Helsinki

6th Apr 16

Staying up all night and driving around Singapore
A fairly slow day
Returning to Johor Bahru tonight

12th Apr 16

Taking a bus from Malacca to Singapore
Flying out to Helsinki late tonight

13th Apr 16

Flying into Helsinki early this morning from Singapore
Got the whole day here, no day trip to Sweden sadly
Flying onto Madrid this evening

11th Aug 16

Flying from Sydney to Singapore this afternoon
Then another flight to Phuket this evening

27th Aug 16

Most of the day in Bangkok
Flying late in the evening to Singapore

28th Aug 16

Flying into Singapore early this morning from Bangkok
Flight to Jakarta this morning then to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Finally flying to Sydney overnight departing late evening

13th Jan 18

Flying from the Gold Coast to Singapore

18th Jan 18

Heading across the border to Johor Bahru for the afternoon
Back to Singapore this evening

1st Feb 18

Heading across the border to Johor Bahru for the afternoon
Back to Singapore this evening
Sounds familar

6th Feb 18

Flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok to Melbourne
But a jet fighter crashed and everything is delayed or cancelled
So just taking a day trip to Changi

8th Feb 18

Departing Singapore for Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Flying onto Adelaide this evening

17th Sep 18

Flying from Canberra to Melbourne this afternoon
Then onward to Singapore tonight

22nd Sep 18

Flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur this morning
Then back in the air to Bangkok this afternoon

12th Mar 19

Taking the train from Canberra to Sydney this afternoon
Only to fly back to Canberra this evening
And then continue onto Singapore late tonight

19th Mar 19

Flying from Singapore to Sydney today
Taking a bus to Canberra this evening