Posts with Shopping

25th Jun 09

Last day in Melbourne
Shopping a bit and at the Queen Victoria Markets
Flying to Adelaide tonight

15th Feb 12

Staying in Bangkok, visiting the Victory Monument this morning
Otherwise shopping in the malls around Siam Square
And taking a wander around Silom tonight

10th Jun 12

Having been driving around Adelaide a lot…
Going to supermarkets…
Buying seasoning and pet food.

22nd Jan 13

Flying from Colombo to Singapore just after midnight
Up to Hong Kong this morning then shopping today in HK
Evening flight from Hong Kong down to Brisbane

28th Jan 14

Finally get to the other side of Uppsala
Visit the IKEA and also buy some clothes

15th Aug 14

Out on a beautiful day and shopping with friends
Peace Party in Uppsala tonight, 200 years of peace in Sweden
And after that… more partying

21st Aug 14

Shopping trip to IKEA. Uppsala of course.
Yeah Swedish stereotypes
Kottbullar. Kanelbullar. nom nom nom.

23rd Aug 14

In mainstreet Uppsala buying a saw
Cycling around with a giant saw like a murderer
Continuing the home renovations from yesterday

6th Sep 14

Didn’t sleep all night
Exploring and shopping in Riga
Back on boat tonight, cruising to Stockholm

8th Nov 14

Off the boat and exploring Tallinn. Dammit cold.
Others buying cheap alcohol, I am buying cheap groceries.
Back on the boat to Stockholm tonight.

20th Feb 15

Relaxing in Kuala Lumpur and not flying anywhere
Shopping around KLCC

20th Apr 15

Staying out late slightly drunk
Free day cycling in the rain and exploring Tottori!
Spend most of the afternoon eating ‘lunch’ and shopping. Then more fun.

23rd Dec 15

Still in Bangkok so some shopping of course around Siam Square
Also visiting the Grand Place and Rattanakosin area today
Still staying in Sukhumvit though so yes, enjoying the traffic