Posts with Perth

26th Apr 10

Morning flight from Darwin to Alice Spring
Flight continues to Perth passing over Uluru this afternoon
Spending the afternoon and evening in Perth

27th Apr 10

Departing Perth early this morning flying to Adelaide

11th Oct 12

Flying from Adelaide to Perth today
Here for a clandestine meeting
Not halfway, Perth isn’t that close to Europe

12th Oct 12

Staying at Scarborough Beach in north Perth for a long weekend

15th Oct 12

Was meant to fly from Perth back to Adelaide today
But as a surprise, flying up to Singapore this afternoon
Staying just two hours then back to Perth this evening

16th Oct 12

Flying into Perth from Singapore in the very early morning
Awful transit to the domestic terminal struggling with FIFO
Morning flight back to Adelaide

29th May 15

Starting in Adelaide
Flying to Melbourne this morning
Then flying to Perth this afternoon

30th May 15

Waking up in Perth
Flying to Broome today
Cable Beach this evening

2nd Jun 15

Watching the sunrise and enjoying a long morning at Cape Leveque
Driving down to Broome this afternoon
Flying to Perth tonight

3rd Jun 15

Perth this morning
Flying to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Flying to Colombo tonight