Posts with Partying

31st Dec 11

Decided yesterday should actually do something for NYE
Taking a midday flight to Melbourne
Celebrating new years there tonight

1st Jan 12

Happy new year
Celebrating in Melbourne
First flight out back to Adelaide

28th Nov 13

Out most of the morning at Clarke Quay
Flying up to Kuala Lumpur early this morning
Then taking the day flight down to Brisbane

24th May 14

The usual weekend parties in Uppsala
Day and night, becoming hard to tell the difference

6th Jun 14

Staying up all morning partying, final day in Uppsala
Not much sleep, maybe hungover
Flying down to Vienna then onto Milan this evening

18th Jan 15

It’s 00:01 time to go out in Berlin
Catch up with different friends I’ve met in the past few months
Sleep is for the day time! But also toured under the U-Bahn.