Posts with Madrid

3rd May 15

Truly final day in Uppsala?
Departing Stockholm Arlanda today to London
Flying onto Madrid this evening

4th May 15

Enjoying a sunny spring day in Madrid!
Flying to Istanbul late tonight!

13th Apr 16

Flying into Helsinki early this morning from Singapore
Got the whole day here, no day trip to Sweden sadly
Flying onto Madrid this evening

14th Apr 16

Flying from Madrid to Casablanca this morning
Flying from onto Marrakech this evening

26th Apr 16

Flying from Melilla to Madrid early this morning
Later this afternoon flying onto Frankfurt

12th Jul 16

Flying from Prague to Madrid this afternoon

14th Jul 16

Flying from Madrid to Lima early this morning
Flying onward to Cusco later

17th Dec 16

Flying from Bilbao to Madrid this afternoon
Connecting onto Frankfurt this evening

23rd Dec 16

Leaving Budapest after a few attempts
Flying to Madrid this afternoon

24th Dec 16

Flying from Madrid to Amman this afternoon