Posts with London

14th Jul 11

Spending the day hanging around Singapore
Mostly around Marina Bay Sands and Fort Canning
Back to Changi to late tonight, flying to London

15th Jul 11

Arriving into London early this morning
Then connecting through to Prague
Exploring Prague for the day

20th Jul 11

Some sightseeing in Zurich this morning
Flying from Zurich to London this afternoon
And spending the night in London

21st Jul 11

Sightseeing around London
Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St James Park, Trafalgar Square etc.
A lot in one day!

22nd Jul 11

Today visiting the Tower of London
Along the Thames between Tower Bridge and London Bridge
Also some museums, so pretty much being ideal tourists

23rd Jul 11

Exploring a bit around where we are staying this morning
This afternoon climbed The Monument
Otherwise enjoyed a rather quieter, weekend London

24th Jul 11

Having a planned day off
Spending it near Heathrow before tomorrow’s flight

25th Jul 11

Leaving London, flying to Paris this morning
Exploring on foot from the Arc de Triomphe to The Grand Palais and Notre Dame
A rather quiet Eiffel Tower tonight, no wait at all!

20th Apr 14

Departing Yorkshire this afternoon
Flying from Manchester to London
Quiet evening in London

22nd Apr 14

Flying from London City to Rotterdam this morning
Exploring Rotterdam for a few hours
Taking the IC train up to Amsterdam this afternoon

30th Jun 14

Day flight from Kuala Lumpur to London
Wanted the evening/overnight flight, but it was full.
Made the last flight onto Stockholm, reach Uppsala after midnight.

25th Apr 15

Breakfast in Seoul
Flying to HK via Beijing
Evening flight to London

26th Apr 15

Arriving early morning into London
Planning what to do in the arrivals lounge
Decided to stay the night at Heathrow

27th Apr 15

Afternoon trip to Aberdeen
Flying up and down from London

28th Apr 15

Morning flight to Gothenburg
Then taking the train across Sweden
Arriving in Uppsala this evening

3rd May 15

Truly final day in Uppsala?
Departing Stockholm Arlanda today to London
Flying onto Madrid this evening

8th Aug 15

Riding back into Utrecht and going back and forth moving
Afternoon train to Schiphol, flying to London to Dublin

9th Aug 15

Early morning in Dublin before flight to London
Spending the day in London
Evening flight to Rotterdam then train to Utrecht

15th Dec 16

Flying all day from Manila to London

16th Dec 16

Eventually settled on flying from London to Bilbao