Posts with Kuching

28th Dec 12

Spending the day in Singapore
Evening flight to Kuching

30th Dec 12

Staying in Kuching still but heading deeper into Sarawak today
Tandem Kayaking through the rainforest and visiting a village
Back in Kuching tonight

31st Dec 12

Flying from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur today
Off to KLCC tonight
Happy new year!

13th Jan 13

Flying out of Vientiane this morning to Bangkok
Using up an old ticket to then get down to Singapore
Booking a new flight then back to Kuching again

16th Jan 13

Leaving Kuching this morning into the heart of Borneo
Going to Lubok Antu in the south of Sarawak
Staying in an Iban longhouse near the West Kalimantan border

18th Jan 13

Heading back from around Lubok Antu to Kuching today

19th Jan 13

Trying to leave Kuching this morning although airport power is out
Flying to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore today
Late tonight flying from KL to Colombo arriving at midnight

25th Jun 14

Spending most of the day in Kuala Lumpur
Flying out to Kuching this evening

29th Jun 14

Departing Kuching this morning
Flying to Sibu then onto Kuala Lumpur
Spending the night in KL