Posts with Hong Kong

10th Dec 08

Taking the train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen
Walking over the border to Hong Kong to stay the night

11th Dec 08

Spending the day on Hong Kong Island
Back up to New Territories to walk back to Shenzhen

7th Aug 11

After a week in Jordan departing Amman very early morning
A technical stop in Bangkok mid afternoon stuck in the plane
Arriving into Hong Kong this evening

8th Aug 11

Staying in Pok Fu Lam in Hong Kong
Visiting Victoria Peak today
Staying on Hong Kong Island this afternoon

9th Aug 11

Taking it easy in Hong Kong
Having Yum Cha in Cyberport
Then visiting Stanley and the Stanley Markets

10th Aug 11

Taking a day trip to Macau today
Ferry back and forth, exploring Macau Peninsula all day
Back in Hong Kong tonight, Mid-levels for dinner tonight

11th Aug 11

Last day in Hong Kong, taking it pretty easy
Over to Kowloon tonight and Mong Kok for shopping
Departing early tomorrow

12th Aug 11

Morning departure from Hong Kong to Taipei
Exploring Taipei for the day before back to HK
Then our late evening flight back to Adelaide

13th Aug 11

Arriving into Adelaide from Hong Kong mid morning
Back home after a good month away

14th Feb 12

Early morning flight from Adelaide to Sydney
Flying this afternoon up to Hong Kong
Late night flight back down to Bangkok

23rd Feb 12

Spending the morning in Bangkok
Afternoon flight back to Hong Kong

25th Feb 12

Spending the whole day in Hong Kong
Evening flight down to Melbourne

26th Feb 12

Arriving into Melbourne from Hong Kong this morning
Escort through the airport to our Adelaide connection
Using the whole afternoon to relax and rest up

13th Aug 12

Departing Amman in the early morning
Flying over to Bangkok arriving in the afternoon
Connecting to an evening flight onto Hong Kong

14th Aug 12

Spending the whole day in Hong Kong
The country hopping continues though
Flight tonight down to Singapore

15th Aug 12

Just after midnight flying in from Hong Kong
Have the whole day in Singapore
Then flying down to Sydney tonight

7th Nov 12

Flying out of Ho Chi Minh City this morning
Spending the afternoon in Hong Kong
Then flying onto Sydney this evening

22nd Jan 13

Flying from Colombo to Singapore just after midnight
Up to Hong Kong this morning then shopping today in HK
Evening flight from Hong Kong down to Brisbane

10th Jan 14

New year and new travels, flying out of Adelaide
Technical stop in Melbourne for lunch the onto Hong Kong
Staying next to Kowloon MTR station

11th Jan 14

Bit of a morning walk around Kowloon
Flying down to Singapore today
Party and nightlife in Singapore tonight

15th Jan 14

A very relaxed day doing very little in Singapore
Flying off to Hong Kong tonight to continue onward

16th Jan 14

Flying from Hong Kong to Paris all morning
Connecting to Helsinki then Stockholm Arlanda
Train to my new home, Uppsala, by late afternoon

7th Jun 14

Sleeping-in in Milan
Afternoon flight to Hong Kong

8th Jun 14

Arrive in Hong Kong this morning, head to Kowloon
Back to HKIA with a group of 25-ish visiting lounges
Flying to Sydney tonight, free upgrades for everyone so I’m not alone

9th Jun 14

Arrive into Sydney this morning with everyone
Move to the earlier connecting flight
Join another three down to Adelaide

3rd Dec 14

Wandering around aimlessly in the snow in Toronto this morning
Afternoon departure to Hong Kong
Another long one (15.5 hours!)

4th Dec 14

Missed most of today, crossed the international date line
Arriving into Hong Kong early evening but not leaving HKIA
Reasonable connection and evening flight to Kuala Lumpur

10th Dec 14

Ridiculously flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Via Kota Kinabalu this morning then Hong Kong in the afternoon
Missed connected on the final flight, arriving in SG at midnight

25th Apr 15

Breakfast in Seoul
Flying to HK via Beijing
Evening flight to London

30th Aug 15

Departing Adelaide this morning
Trying to recover in Hong Kong airport
Flying over to Doha this evening

4th Nov 15

Taking the train from Utrecht to Schiphol this morning
Flying out to Hong Kong this afternoon and evening

5th Nov 15

Flying into Hong Kong airport this morning
…and staying there
No really, not sure where next and too busy studying

6th Nov 15

Still at HK Airport, never actually left
Eventually finished all study today and had failed waitlist to Auckland
Booked some flights starting from tomorrow, so another night here!

7th Nov 15

Another sleepless night in Hong Kong airport
Spending much of today in the decadent lounges
Finally flying out this afternoon to Manila

20th Jan 16

Arriving into Bangkok this morning by train
Flying up to Hong Kong today
Then flying to Auckland tonight

21st Jan 16

Arriving on flight from Hong Kong to Auckland
Driving up to Whangarei then Paihia in The Bay of Islands
Eventually arriving in Pukenui tonight

12th Aug 16

Flying from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Then up to Hong Kong this evening

13th Aug 16

Flying back to Phuket departing Hong Kong this morning
Connecting in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon

21st Aug 16

Flying from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Then up to Hong Kong this evening

22nd Aug 16

Flying back to Phuket departing Hong Kong this morning
Connecting in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
(yes this is a repeat of last week)