Posts with Helsinki

16th Jul 11

Spending the morning in Prague
Flying up to Helsinki today
Enjoying the endless sun in summer

17th Jul 11

Flying out of Helsinki this morning
Arriving in Geneva and taking the train to Lausanne
A visit to the castle of Gruyères this afternoon

6th Aug 12

Morning train to Sheremetyevo this time
Early afternoon flight from Moscow to Helsinki
Spending the remaining long summer day there

9th Aug 12

Time to leave Helsinki
Midday flight to Copenhagen
Spending the night in Copenhagen

11th Aug 12

Train out of there ASAP
Flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki

12th Aug 12

Early morning from the airport hotel leaving Helsinki
Flying down to Vienna again with a few hours wait
Then this afternoon flying to Amman and onto transit hotel

16th Jan 14

Flying from Hong Kong to Paris all morning
Connecting to Helsinki then Stockholm Arlanda
Train to my new home, Uppsala, by late afternoon

2nd Mar 14

Arriving in Amsterdam this morning
Flying to Helsinki, then onto Arlanda during the day
Will be going back the other way later this week

7th Mar 14

Afternoon flight to Helsinki then onto Manchester
But flight delay = missed connection
Instead Stockholm – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Manchester

19th Mar 14

Leaving Uppsala again
A comfortable early afternoon flight to Helsinki
Then an evening flight onto Tokyo Narita

5th Apr 16

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru this afternoon
Heading over to Singapore afterward
At Changi tonight to intentionally miss a flight to Helsinki

12th Apr 16

Taking a bus from Malacca to Singapore
Flying out to Helsinki late tonight

13th Apr 16

Flying into Helsinki early this morning from Singapore
Got the whole day here, no day trip to Sweden sadly
Flying onto Madrid this evening