Posts with Frankfurt

2nd Aug 12

Flying Adelaide to Sydney early this morning
Spending a good few hours waiting in Sydney
Afternoon flight to Frankfurt with a stop in Singapore late at night

3rd Aug 12

Arriving into Frankfurt early this morning
Spending the morning exploring Frankfurt
Afternoon flight to Moscow Domodedovo

14th Feb 14

Awful 4 AM wake up to make flight at Arlanda
Stockholm to Berlin Tegel to Frankfurt
All to make the midday flight to Kuala Lumpur

7th Mar 14

Afternoon flight to Helsinki then onto Manchester
But flight delay = missed connection
Instead Stockholm – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Manchester

20th Dec 14

After a few days in Adelaide departing for Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Flying off to Frankfurt at midnight

21st Dec 14

Flying into Frankfurt this morning from KL
Staying close in town for a few days
European Christmas time 🙂

22nd Dec 14

Keeping inside much of the day
Christmas markets in Frankfurt at night

23rd Dec 14

Not enough to stay in Frankfurt
Flying up to Copenhagen today
Christmas markets and Tivoli tonight

31st Aug 15

Flying from Doha to Frankfurt this early morning
Then connecting to Amsterdam later this morning
Arriving back to Utrecht today

26th Apr 16

Flying from Melilla to Madrid early this morning
Later this afternoon flying onto Frankfurt

27th Apr 16

Strikes and flight cancellations in Frankfurt
Departing in the afternoon to Oslo with further delays
Connecting to Stockholm Arlanda tonight then up to Uppsala

17th Dec 16

Flying from Bilbao to Madrid this afternoon
Connecting onto Frankfurt this evening

18th Dec 16

Taking a train from Frankfurt to Linz this morning
Transferring to another onto Budapest this afternoon