Posts with Exploring

26th Jul 11

Doing some more Paris tourist thing
Photos at a busy Eiffel Tower this morning, walking to the Panthéon later
Train down to Orly Airport tonight for late flight to Berlin

27th Jul 11

Exploring Berlin today
Flight to Salzburg this evening
Visiting the Red Bull aircraft museum

12th Aug 11

Morning departure from Hong Kong to Taipei
Exploring Taipei for the day before back to HK
Then our late evening flight back to Adelaide

3rd Aug 12

Arriving into Frankfurt early this morning
Spending the morning exploring Frankfurt
Afternoon flight to Moscow Domodedovo

24th Mar 14

Well back up and out today a bit
Exploring and shopping in San Francisco

25th Apr 14

Flying from Amsterdam to Oslo this morning
Spending the day exploring Oslo
Flying to Arlanda this evening and onto Uppsala

9th May 14

The super early wake up in Uppsala
Flight to Berlin then onto Kraków by mid-morning
Spending the day exploring Kraków

10th May 14

Exploring the outskirts of Kraków
Back in town for an open concert tonight

12th May 14

Exploring Warsaw today

14th Jul 14

Final day of exploring Kecskemét

16th Jul 14

Got a few days in Zagreb
Quite a big place to explore

19th Jul 14

Final day exploring Zagreb
Taking the train to Ljubljana

20th Jul 14

Big day exploring up down and all around Ljubljana
Perfect weather for photos
Figured out how to pronounce it properly too

21st Jul 14

Slow start then fly from Ljubljana to Skopje this afternoon
Meet people, explore and drinking in Skopje.
Reminds me of Vientiane in the most amazing way.

23rd Jul 14

Exploring Ohrid, it’s amazing in many way.
Cut my finger, ended up in hospital.. what?
Survived. Clubbing at some crazy Cuban bar tonight.

26th Jul 14

Spending the day exploring Bucharest
The Palace of the Parliament is huge!

1st Aug 14

Deciding hour by hour today, spending most of the morning exploring Vejle
Jumping on a train to Copenhagen this afternoon, next another over to Malmö.
Cheap last minute flights, so bus to airport, fly to Arlanda then bus home to Uppsala.

18th Aug 14

Spending the day cycling far down south
Just exploring out of Uppsala a bit

6th Sep 14

Didn’t sleep all night
Exploring and shopping in Riga
Back on boat tonight, cruising to Stockholm

27th Sep 14

Finally biked to a huge monument I could see from my window
Quite a far way away at the edge of Uppsala
Giant multi faith cemetery including a natural burial area

8th Nov 14

Off the boat and exploring Tallinn. Dammit cold.
Others buying cheap alcohol, I am buying cheap groceries.
Back on the boat to Stockholm tonight.

3rd Dec 14

Wandering around aimlessly in the snow in Toronto this morning
Afternoon departure to Hong Kong
Another long one (15.5 hours!)

6th Dec 14

Spending much of the day wandering around George Town

13th Feb 15

Still exploring Malacca!

20th Apr 15

Staying out late slightly drunk
Free day cycling in the rain and exploring Tottori!
Spend most of the afternoon eating ‘lunch’ and shopping. Then more fun.

19th Dec 15

Visiting the temples north of Angkor Wat again
Cycling up to Angkor Thom and exploring around
Final night in Siem Reap