Posts with Dubai

30th Nov 14

Farewell Uppsala
Limo to Arlanda
Flight to Dubai

1st Dec 14

Early morning wake up in Dubai
One of the longest commercial flights to LA (16+ hrs)
Eating up, showering and staying online onboard

11th Mar 15

Flying out of Stockholm Arlanda this morning
Spending the day in Munich again
Flying out to Dubai tonight

12th Mar 15

Spending the day in and around Dubai
Flying out tonight to Colombo
Watching an angry mobĀ at my cancelled flight’s gate

13th Mar 15

After yesterday’s disaster, nearly at the point of collapse in DXB
Finally flying to Singapore in EK F to make up for it

5th May 15

Flying into Istanbul this morning
Flying to Dubai today, connecting in Cairo
Flying to Kuala Lumpur tonight

6th May 15

Flew to KL in the morning
Then flying to Singapore for the day
Then back and flying to Adelaide tonight

1st Aug 15

Finally leaving Adelaide, so much back story
Flying to Sydney this afternoon
Flying out to Dubai this evening

2nd Aug 15

Arriving into Dubai before sunrise
Short connection onto Amsterdam flight
Down to Utrecht, my new home, on a beautiful day

27th Dec 16

Flying from Cairo to Dubai just after midnight
Then connecting to Bangkok arriving this evening