Posts with Copenhagen

9th Aug 12

Time to leave Helsinki
Midday flight to Copenhagen
Spending the night in Copenhagen

10th Aug 12

Train from Copenhagen to Odense today
Also an afternoon trip down towards Svendborg
Staying in Odense tonight though

11th Aug 12

Train out of there ASAP
Flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki

15th Apr 14

Last minute booking, flying out of Arlanda
First to Gothenburg then Copenhagen
Flying to Manchester evening. Delayed and slow immigration.

1st Aug 14

Deciding hour by hour today, spending most of the morning exploring Vejle
Jumping on a train to Copenhagen this afternoon, next another over to Malmö.
Cheap last minute flights, so bus to airport, fly to Arlanda then bus home to Uppsala.

9th Sep 14

One of these not so nice travel days, super early wake up in Uppsala
Arlanda to Copenhagen to Amsterdam arriving before I’d normally wake up
Departing midday for Kuala Lumpur on *that* flight

23rd Dec 14

Not enough to stay in Frankfurt
Flying up to Copenhagen today
Christmas markets and Tivoli tonight

24th Dec 14

Departing Copenhagen this morning to Stockholm.
It’s basically Christmas here! Only one flight scheduled!
Back home to Uppsala!

25th Jan 15

Leaving Uppsala today so sad
Flying to Copenhagen this morning
Connecting onto flight to Singapore this afternoon

8th Jul 16

Leaving Malmö by train to Copenhagen this morning
Next by train to Hamburg this afternoon partly on a ferry
Then a final train to Dresden this evening