Posts with Colombo

19th Jan 13

Trying to leave Kuching this morning although airport power is out
Flying to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore today
Late tonight flying from KL to Colombo arriving at midnight

20th Jan 13

Spending a couple days in Colombo

22nd Jan 13

Flying from Colombo to Singapore just after midnight
Up to Hong Kong this morning then shopping today in HK
Evening flight from Hong Kong down to Brisbane

13th Jan 14

Using up the remainder of the ticket from last year
Flying to Colombo late tonight (returning to SG tomorrow)

14th Jan 14

Flying straight back to Singapore from Colombo
Arriving at 7 AM so getting some sleep during the day
Staying on the east side, closer to Changi

12th Mar 15

Spending the day in and around Dubai
Flying out tonight to Colombo
Watching an angry mobĀ at my cancelled flight’s gate

3rd Jun 15

Perth this morning
Flying to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Flying to Colombo tonight