Posts with Budapest

9th Jul 14

Stupidly early flight out of Arlanda this morning
The whole day in Berlin.. recovering after thumping Brazil
After that flying to Budapest and train to Kecskemét

15th Jul 14

Leaving Kecskemét this morning, train to Budapest (Airport)
Flying to Zagreb this afternoon

5th Jun 16

Taking a train from Vienna to Budapest

7th Jun 16

Taking a train from Budapest back to Vienna

14th Jun 16

Leaving Vienna (again) to Budapest (again) by train (again) this evening

16th Jun 16

Visiting Szentendre by train from Budapest today

18th Jun 16

Flying from Budapest to Eindhoven this afternoon
Arriving into Utrecht by train this evening

29th Jun 16

On a train all day from Vienna via Budapest to Belgrade

18th Dec 16

Taking a train from Frankfurt to Linz this morning
Transferring to another onto Budapest this afternoon

23rd Dec 16

Leaving Budapest after a few attempts
Flying to Madrid this afternoon