Posts with Broken Hill

4th Jul 11

Long road trip today up from Adelaide
Stopping at Burra, then Broken Hill for lunch
Arriving at Fowlers Gap for a few days for fieldwork

8th Jul 11

Morning departure from Fowlers Gap back to Adelaide
Again stopping at Broken Hill then Burra
Arriving just in time before flying tomorrow

24th Sep 11

After lots of lab work studying in Adelaide doing field work
More like a tour, driven up to Broken Hill today

25th Sep 11

Looking at rocks around the outskirts of Broken Hill today

26th Sep 11

Today looking more at mine shafts and sights around Broken Hill

27th Sep 11

Visting some historical tourist mines near Broken Hill
Also spending time onsite at some operating mines

28th Sep 11

After a few days in Broken Hill
Survived the somewhat wild night
Driven to Adelaide through the storms

22nd Dec 17

Driving from Adelaide to Broken Hill this afternoon
Ended up in Cockburn, just metres short of the state border

23rd Dec 17

Driving from Cockburn to Broken Hill to spend the morning
Onward stopping at Wilcannia, Cobar, Nyngan this afternoon
Stopping to spend the night in Dubbo