Posts with Boat

30th Apr 11

Our last day in Kangaroo Island
Some final stops along the south shore
Ferry and the drive back to Adelaide this afternoon

7th Nov 14

Joining a few hundred friends on a boat from Stockholm to Riga
What could possibly go wrong?

8th Nov 14

Off the boat and exploring Tallinn. Dammit cold.
Others buying cheap alcohol, I am buying cheap groceries.
Back on the boat to Stockholm tonight.

9th Nov 14

Arrived back in Stockholm.
Off the boat, bus to Uppsala.

8th Dec 14

Enjoying a short stay in Langkawi
Getting a taxi to Kuah Town
Taking a ferry back to Penang

7th Mar 16

Leaving Senggigi this morning for Pemenang
Taking a boat from Bangsal to Gili Meno

10th Mar 16

Taking the boat from Gili Meno to Gili Trawangan

11th Mar 16

Taking a boat from Gili Trawangan to Bangsal
Then getting a ride back down to Senggigi

21st Mar 16

Well enough to leave Surabaya and fly to Batam
Not long in Batam as straight to Nongsa Pura
Taking the ferry to Tanah Merah in Singapore

2nd Apr 16

Leaving Georgetown and Penang
Taking the ferry to Butterworth this afternoon
Taking the train to Ipoh this evening

22nd Apr 16

Taking a ferry cruise ship from Ceuta to Algeciras

25th May 16

Taking a minibus from Shkodër to Palaj-Gushta
A boat from Palaj-Gushta up Komani Lake
A second minibus from Fierza to Valbonë

8th Jul 16

Leaving Malmö by train to Copenhagen this morning
Next by train to Hamburg this afternoon partly on a ferry
Then a final train to Dresden this evening