Posts with Berlin

26th Jul 11

Doing some more Paris tourist thing
Photos at a busy Eiffel Tower this morning, walking to the Panthéon later
Train down to Orly Airport tonight for late flight to Berlin

27th Jul 11

Exploring Berlin today
Flight to Salzburg this evening
Visiting the Red Bull aircraft museum

14th Feb 14

Awful 4 AM wake up to make flight at Arlanda
Stockholm to Berlin Tegel to Frankfurt
All to make the midday flight to Kuala Lumpur

9th May 14

The super early wake up in Uppsala
Flight to Berlin then onto Kraków by mid-morning
Spending the day exploring Kraków

13th May 14

Departing Poland this morning
Flying out of Warsaw onto Berlin
From Tegel to Arlanda then back to Uppsala

9th Jul 14

Stupidly early flight out of Arlanda this morning
The whole day in Berlin.. recovering after thumping Brazil
After that flying to Budapest and train to Kecskemét

27th Jul 14

Early afternoon flight from Bucharest to Berlin
A super short Tegel transit, lost luggage guaranteed.
Late afternoon flight to Munich, bag still in Berlin.

27th Aug 14

Leaving Uppsala for a couple days
Flying down to Berlin this afternoon to make a new friend

29th Aug 14

Another visit to Tegel today while I depart Berlin
Flying back to Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala this afternoon
Gotta a party to get to!

17th Jan 15

In a last minute decision for weekend trip
Flying from Stockholm down to Berlin tonight
Rode the U55 for the lolz.

18th Jan 15

It’s 00:01 time to go out in Berlin
Catch up with different friends I’ve met in the past few months
Sleep is for the day time! But also toured under the U-Bahn.

19th Jan 15

Joined my friend to the Brazilian embassy
Before back to Tegel Airport
Flying back to Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala