Posts with Beijing

12th Nov 08

Flying from Adelaide to Sydney this morning
Connecting to flight to Beijing today

19th Nov 08

Visiting the Beijing Olympic Park today

21st Nov 08

Visiting the Forbidden City / Imperial Palace today

5th Dec 08

Flying from Beijing to Nanjing this morning

12th Dec 08

Leaving Shenzhen, on the train for Beijing all day

13th Dec 08

Still on the train from Shenzhen to Beijing
Arriving this afternoon, back in Beijing
Staying closer to Sanlitun this time

15th Dec 08

Final day in China
Departing Beijing today
Flying back to Sydney tonight

16th Dec 08

Arriving back into Sydney from Beijing this afternoon
Then connecting flight onto Adelaide

25th Apr 15

Breakfast in Seoul
Flying to HK via Beijing
Evening flight to London