Posts with Bangkok

7th Aug 11

After a week in Jordan departing Amman very early morning
A technical stop in Bangkok mid afternoon stuck in the plane
Arriving into Hong Kong this evening

14th Feb 12

Early morning flight from Adelaide to Sydney
Flying this afternoon up to Hong Kong
Late night flight back down to Bangkok

15th Feb 12

Staying in Bangkok, visiting the Victory Monument this morning
Otherwise shopping in the malls around Siam Square
And taking a wander around Silom tonight

16th Feb 12

Visited the Grand Place in Rattanakosin, Bangkok today

17th Feb 12

Visited the Jim Thomson house this morning
Afternoon flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur
Passport wallet stolen in KLIA, way to make things interesting

22nd Feb 12

Finally flying out of Malaysia today
Departing KL back up to Bangkok
On an emergency passport

23rd Feb 12

Spending the morning in Bangkok
Afternoon flight back to Hong Kong

13th Aug 12

Departing Amman in the early morning
Flying over to Bangkok arriving in the afternoon
Connecting to an evening flight onto Hong Kong

29th Oct 12

Just the day in Singapore again
Flying up to Bangkok this afternoon
Staying here and studying!

3rd Nov 12

Done with studying
Flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai today

2nd Jan 13

Spending the last day together…
Flight cancellations disaster
Eventually flying late evening to Bangkok

3rd Jan 13

Spending the night/morning in Suvarnabhumi Airport lost in life
Booking a flight to Udon Thani this afternoon
Got lost on the wrong bus but eventually made it for the night

13th Jan 13

Flying out of Vientiane this morning to Bangkok
Using up an old ticket to then get down to Singapore
Booking a new flight then back to Kuching again

20th Dec 15

Short flight today from Siem Reap to Bangkok
Staying around Silom tonight

21st Dec 15

Staying in Bangkok for the rest of the year
Moving across to around Sukhumvit today

23rd Dec 15

Still in Bangkok so some shopping of course around Siam Square
Also visiting the Grand Place and Rattanakosin area today
Still staying in Sukhumvit though so yes, enjoying the traffic

3rd Jan 16

Flying from Bangkok to Chiang Rai tonight

19th Jan 16

Final day in Chiang Mai
Taking the overnight train to Bangkok

20th Jan 16

Arriving into Bangkok this morning by train
Flying up to Hong Kong today
Then flying to Auckland tonight

26th Aug 16

Flying from Bandar Seri Begawan to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon
Delayed arriving minutes after the connection departs, yet somehow making it
Flying into Bangkok this evening

27th Aug 16

Most of the day in Bangkok
Flying late in the evening to Singapore

27th Dec 16

Flying from Cairo to Dubai just after midnight
Then connecting to Bangkok arriving this evening

3rd Jan 17

Departing from Bangkok this evening flying to Sydney

4th Jan 17

Arriving into Sydney from Bangkok
Flying onto Melbourne this morning
Connecting to Adelaide this afternoon

22nd Sep 18

Flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur this morning
Then back in the air to Bangkok this afternoon

23rd Sep 18

Departing Bangkok just after midnight on a flight to Melbourne
Connecting to an afternoon flight to Adelaide