Posts with Amsterdam

1st Mar 14

Been stuck back in Australia now a fortnight
Departing Adelaide this afternoon to Kuala Lumpur
Flying straight on to Amsterdam tonight

2nd Mar 14

Arriving in Amsterdam this morning
Flying to Helsinki, then onto Arlanda during the day
Will be going back the other way later this week

22nd Apr 14

Flying from London City to Rotterdam this morning
Exploring Rotterdam for a few hours
Taking the IC train up to Amsterdam this afternoon

25th Apr 14

Flying from Amsterdam to Oslo this morning
Spending the day exploring Oslo
Flying to Arlanda this evening and onto Uppsala

9th Sep 14

One of these not so nice travel days, super early wake up in Uppsala
Arlanda to Copenhagen to Amsterdam arriving before I’d normally wake up
Departing midday for Kuala Lumpur on *that* flight

23rd Sep 14

Flying over to Singapore for a few hours this afternoon
Then flying back to Kuala Lumpur
Flight tonight to Amsterdam

27th Feb 15

Arriving into Amsterdam this morning
Was going to visit Utrecht but warm clothes in Algeria…
Bought a new coat. Flying to Stockholm and Uppsala tonight.

2nd Aug 15

Arriving into Dubai before sunrise
Short connection onto Amsterdam flight
Down to Utrecht, my new home, on a beautiful day

13th Aug 15

Spend day in Utrecht but train up to Amsterdam
Back to Utrecht at night but then back to Amsterdam

14th Aug 15

Morning train from Amsterdam to Arnhem via Utrecht
Eventually head back to Utrecht again

31st Aug 15

Flying from Doha to Frankfurt this early morning
Then connecting to Amsterdam later this morning
Arriving back to Utrecht today

20th Oct 15

Leaving Utrecht this morning
Flying from Amsterdam to Zurich today
Afterward flying onto Sofia to stay

26th Oct 15

Early early morning departing flight from Sofia to Munich
Spending the morning in Munich before flying back to Amsterdam
Back to Utrecht for class in the afternoon and party this evening