Posts with Amman

31st Jul 11

Spending the morning in Vienna
Afternoon flight to Amman
Then an evening flight to Aqaba

3rd Aug 11

Spending our last day in Aqaba
Shuttling down to Tala Bay during the afternoon
Taking the evening domestic flight back to Amman

4th Aug 11

Moving from Amman to a resort on the Dead Sea
Complete isolated from the outside again

5th Aug 11

Tried floating in the Dead Sea
Eventually had enough of this
So back to Amman, looking around tonight

6th Aug 11

In Amman
Visiting the Amman Citadel today
A nap before off to the Airport tonight

7th Aug 11

After a week in Jordan departing Amman very early morning
A technical stop in Bangkok mid afternoon stuck in the plane
Arriving into Hong Kong this evening

12th Aug 12

Early morning from the airport hotel leaving Helsinki
Flying down to Vienna again with a few hours wait
Then this afternoon flying to Amman and onto transit hotel

13th Aug 12

Departing Amman in the early morning
Flying over to Bangkok arriving in the afternoon
Connecting to an evening flight onto Hong Kong

26th Feb 15

Departing Oran mid morning for Algiers
Discover my bag didn’t make the short domestic :/
This afternoon flying to Amman to spend the night

27th Feb 15

Arriving into Amsterdam this morning
Was going to visit Utrecht but warm clothes in Algeria…
Bought a new coat. Flying to Stockholm and Uppsala tonight.

24th Dec 16

Flying from Madrid to Amman this afternoon

25th Dec 16

Flying from Amman to Cairo this evening