Entries from April 2016

Sat 2nd

Leaving Georgetown and Penang
Taking the ferry to Butterworth this afternoon
Taking the train to Ipoh this evening

Mon 4th

An extra day in Ipoh
Taking the train to Kuala Lumpur this afternoon

Tue 5th

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru this afternoon
Heading over to Singapore afterward
At Changi tonight to intentionally miss a flight to Helsinki

Wed 6th

Staying up all night and driving around Singapore
A fairly slow day
Returning to Johor Bahru tonight

Thu 7th

Leaving Johor Bahru again by train
Going to Kluang late this afternoon

Sat 9th

Leaving Kluang today by train
Arriving into Seremban tonight

Sun 10th

Leaving Seremban by bus today
Not going to Port Dickson as planned
Heading to Malacca instead

Tue 12th

Taking a bus from Malacca to Singapore
Flying out to Helsinki late tonight

Wed 13th

Flying into Helsinki early this morning from Singapore
Got the whole day here, no day trip to Sweden sadly
Flying onto Madrid this evening

Thu 14th

Flying from Madrid to Casablanca this morning
Flying from onto Marrakech this evening

Tue 19th

On the train from Marrakech to Casablanca today

Wed 20th

Flying from Casablanca to Tétouan this afternoon

Thu 21st

Taking a taxi from Tétouan to Fnideq
Walking across the border to Ceuta

Fri 22nd

Taking a ferry cruise ship from Ceuta to Algeciras

Sat 23rd

Staying based in Algeciras but going to La Línea
Visiting Gibraltar just for the day
Then tracking back this evening

Sun 24th

Taking a bus from Algeciras to Malaga this afternoon
Staying overnight just outside the airport

Mon 25th

Flying from Malaga to Melilla this morning

Tue 26th

Flying from Melilla to Madrid early this morning
Later this afternoon flying onto Frankfurt

Wed 27th

Strikes and flight cancellations in Frankfurt
Departing in the afternoon to Oslo with further delays
Connecting to Stockholm Arlanda tonight then up to Uppsala

Sat 30th

Valborg in Uppsala
For the third year