Entries from November 2015

Sun 1st

Finally got a break from study and explored Brussels a bit

Mon 2nd

Was going to train to Schiphol then fly to Hong Kong this morning
But changed my mind now and will stay in Brussels for now

Tue 3rd

Staying in Brussels for most of the day
Train up to Rotterdam this afternoon
Then back to Utrecht this evening

Wed 4th

Taking the train from Utrecht to Schiphol this morning
Flying out to Hong Kong this afternoon and evening

Thu 5th

Flying into Hong Kong airport this morning
…and staying there
No really, not sure where next and too busy studying

Fri 6th

Still at HK Airport, never actually left
Eventually finished all study today and had failed waitlist to Auckland
Booked some flights starting from tomorrow, so another night here!

Sat 7th

Another sleepless night in Hong Kong airport
Spending much of today in the decadent lounges
Finally flying out this afternoon to Manila

Sun 8th

Finally a day off
Exploring Manila today

Mon 9th

Early morning flight from Manila
Off to Kuala Lumpur
Spending the day and night in KL

Tue 10th

Departing Kuala Lumpur this morning
Flying the rest of the day down to Auckland

Wed 11th

Arriving into Auckland a hour or so into the day
Waiting around then flying onto Wellington before sunrise
Spending the day in Wellington before driving to National Park village

Thu 12th

Finally having a quiet day
Staying in National Park village
Trying to slow down a bit

Fri 13th

Small afternoon trip from National Park
Driving to Ohakune and also a nice drive up to Turoa

Sat 14th

Still staying at National Park village
Hiking the Tongariro Crossing today

Sun 15th

Long drive today from National Park to Taupo this morning
Visiting Wai-O-Tapu then Rotorua for a late lunch
Eventually arriving into Auckland Airport to stay the night

Mon 16th

Early morning flight from Auckland to Brisbane
Changed to an earlier flight so now a short transit
Late morning flight onto Adelaide

Tue 17th

Staying in Adelaide for the remainder of November
Final examination tomorrow, then errands and socialising await
See you in December!