Entries from August 2015

Sat 1st

Finally leaving Adelaide, so much back story
Flying to Sydney this afternoon
Flying out to Dubai this evening

Sun 2nd

Arriving into Dubai before sunrise
Short connection onto Amsterdam flight
Down to Utrecht, my new home, on a beautiful day

Fri 7th

Taking the train from Utrecht to The Hague for the day looking around
Afternoon at the beach, dinner in The Hague
Train back to Utrecht tonight

Sat 8th

Riding back into Utrecht and going back and forth moving
Afternoon train to Schiphol, flying to London to Dublin

Sun 9th

Early morning in Dublin before flight to London
Spending the day in London
Evening flight to Rotterdam then train to Utrecht

Thu 13th

Spend day in Utrecht but train up to Amsterdam
Back to Utrecht at night but then back to Amsterdam

Fri 14th

Morning train from Amsterdam to Arnhem via Utrecht
Eventually head back to Utrecht again

Sat 22nd

Spending most of the day in Utrecht
Then making my way to Schiphol
Flying to Doha this afternoon/evening

Sun 23rd

Spending most of the day flying
Departing Doha just after midnight
Arriving in Melbourne late at night

Mon 24th

Spending all night/morning up and out in Melbourne
Early morning flight then over to Adelaide
Back in Adelaide for a while to chase up things

Sun 30th

Departing Adelaide this morning
Trying to recover in Hong Kong airport
Flying over to Doha this evening

Mon 31st

Flying from Doha to Frankfurt this early morning
Then connecting to Amsterdam later this morning
Arriving back to Utrecht today