Entries from March 2015

Wed 4th

Good news luggage finally arrive from Algeria and France
Bus down to Arlanda this evening, coincidentally strikes are on
Finally reunited, return to Uppsala

Thu 5th

Day to myself mostly
Cycled to Gamla Uppsala to see it in the snow

Wed 11th

Flying out of Stockholm Arlanda this morning
Spending the day in Munich again
Flying out to Dubai tonight

Thu 12th

Spending the day in and around Dubai
Flying out tonight to Colombo
Watching an angry mobĀ at my cancelled flight’s gate

Fri 13th

After yesterday’s disaster, nearly at the point of collapse in DXB
Finally flying to Singapore in EK F to make up for it

Sat 14th

Walking across from Singapore to JB
Taking the train to Kuala Lumpur

Sun 15th

Staying mostly at the hotel in Kuala Lumpur except to get food
New mall across the road to explore, mostly for said food
Saw a part of the Le Tour de Langkawi

Mon 16th

Spending a third day in KL
Flying to Adelaide tonight

Tue 17th

Arrived back in Adelaide this morning