Entries from January 2015

Fri 9th

Friday Night.
Party Time.

Mon 12th

Uppsala Winter
No really, it’s not end of the earth but close
Enjoying it!

Sat 17th

In a last minute decision for weekend trip
Flying from Stockholm down to Berlin tonight
Rode the U55 for the lolz.

Sun 18th

It’s 00:01 time to go out in Berlin
Catch up with different friends I’ve met in the past few months
Sleep is for the day time! But also toured under the U-Bahn.

Mon 19th

Joined my friend to the Brazilian embassy
Before back to Tegel Airport
Flying back to Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala

Wed 21st

Uppsala winters are cold so stay indoors
Mostly spending free time ice skating outside

Fri 23rd

Still here
Still cold
Still skating

Sun 25th

Leaving Uppsala today so sad
Flying to Copenhagen this morning
Connecting onto flight to Singapore this afternoon

Mon 26th

Arriving into Singapore this morning
Visted the Jurong Bird Park today
Flying out tonight to Adelaide

Tue 27th

Arriving back into Adelaide this morning

Fri 30th

Since I’m back in the Australia summer
Spending the day along the many beaches in Adelaide