Entries from August 2012

Thu 2nd

Flying Adelaide to Sydney early this morning
Spending a good few hours waiting in Sydney
Afternoon flight to Frankfurt with a stop in Singapore late at night

Fri 3rd

Arriving into Frankfurt early this morning
Spending the morning exploring Frankfurt
Afternoon flight to Moscow Domodedovo

Sat 4th

Spending 2-3 days about Moscow

Mon 6th

Morning train to Sheremetyevo this time
Early afternoon flight from Moscow to Helsinki
Spending the remaining long summer day there

Thu 9th

Time to leave Helsinki
Midday flight to Copenhagen
Spending the night in Copenhagen

Fri 10th

Train from Copenhagen to Odense today
Also an afternoon trip down towards Svendborg
Staying in Odense tonight though

Sat 11th

Train out of there ASAP
Flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki

Sun 12th

Early morning from the airport hotel leaving Helsinki
Flying down to Vienna again with a few hours wait
Then this afternoon flying to Amman and onto transit hotel

Mon 13th

Departing Amman in the early morning
Flying over to Bangkok arriving in the afternoon
Connecting to an evening flight onto Hong Kong

Tue 14th

Spending the whole day in Hong Kong
The country hopping continues though
Flight tonight down to Singapore

Wed 15th

Just after midnight flying in from Hong Kong
Have the whole day in Singapore
Then flying down to Sydney tonight

Thu 16th

Arriving into Sydney super early this morning
A few hours wait then a flight up to Brisbane
Spending the next couple days in Brisbane

Fri 17th

Brisbane today

Sat 18th

Departing Brisbane super early this morning
International tag flight down to Sydney
A few hours later an a similar flight to Adelaide

Sun 19th

Staying in Adelaide for the week
Left myself a lot of work to do
Will be around the UoA campuses

Sat 25th

All nighter finishing the final assignment of my final course
From one campus to another then back home for a half hour to pack
Flying to Melbourne this morning for a week long conference

Sun 26th

In Melbourne for a week
Conferencing it up