Entries from February 2012

Tue 14th

Early morning flight from Adelaide to Sydney
Flying this afternoon up to Hong Kong
Late night flight back down to Bangkok

Wed 15th

Staying in Bangkok, visiting the Victory Monument this morning
Otherwise shopping in the malls around Siam Square
And taking a wander around Silom tonight

Thu 16th

Visited the Grand Place in Rattanakosin, Bangkok today

Fri 17th

Visited the Jim Thomson house this morning
Afternoon flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur
Passport wallet stolen in KLIA, way to make things interesting

Sun 19th

Spending the weekend shopping and exploring KL

Mon 20th

Not leaving Kuala Lumpur just yet
Back at the high commission today organising travel papers

Tue 21st

Still around Kuala Lumpur
Visiting the Batu Caves today
Staying in Putrajaya tonight

Wed 22nd

Finally flying out of Malaysia today
Departing KL back up to Bangkok
On an emergency passport

Thu 23rd

Spending the morning in Bangkok
Afternoon flight back to Hong Kong

Sat 25th

Spending the whole day in Hong Kong
Evening flight down to Melbourne

Sun 26th

Arriving into Melbourne from Hong Kong this morning
Escort through the airport to our Adelaide connection
Using the whole afternoon to relax and rest up