Entries from October 2010

Fri 1st

Flying from Nadi to Sydney this morning
On to Melbourne then up to Brisbane this afternoon

Sun 3rd

Staying in Brisbane today
Going to Acacia Ridge today

Mon 4th

Flying from Brisbane to Townsville this today
Then back to Brisbane and down to Adelaide by tonight

Tue 5th

Flying up to Port Augusta for a day trip
Possibly the most boring trip I’ve ever taken
Back to Adelaide this evening

Wed 6th

Another flying day trip, this time to Mildura
This time more organised, exploring by car and going up to Wentworth
Back to Adelaide this evening

Fri 15th

Flying from Adelaide to Sydney to Auckland this morning
Roaming Auckland this afternoon and evening

Sat 16th

Flying from Auckland to Melbourne this morning
Then to Brisbane onto Townsville this afternoon
Back to Brisbane tonight

Sun 17th

At New Farm this morning
A tea party at Brisbane Botanic Gardens today

Wed 20th

Leaving Brisbane today
Flying back to Adelaide tonight

Thu 28th

Out at Grange this afternoon